Project Description

  • Cleaning card CR80 MAG

Cleaning card CR80 MAG

Cleaning card CR80 MAG for card reader with shutter.

The regualar cleaning of the reader prevents technical faults and downtimes, caused by pollution. Our cleaning cards are presatuated in pouches and very easy to use. The integrated magnetic stripe opens the shutter and allows the maintenance with the cleaning card. The card removes any kind of dirt like dust or fat from the reading head and the rollers. Thus the trouble-free operation is ensured. We offer the cleaning cards in boxes with 50 pcs. inside, but also smaller amounts are available. The packing is neutral but a branding with your company logo is possible (from 5.000 pcs.).


Suitable for:

  • Magnetic card readers
  • Chip card readers
  • Insertion card readers
  • Swipe readers
  • Motorized card readers with shutter


  • ATM
  • POS-Systems
  • Card readers for helth ensurance cards
  • Parking
  • Kiosk Terminals
  • Ticket vending machines
  • Access control systems
  •  Toll colles systems
  • and many more