Project Description

  • Magnetkarte mit mittlerem Streifen

Magnetic card with center stripe

Magnetic card is a long proven data medium. It is cost-effective and versatilely applicable such as e.g. customer cards, membership cards or loyalty cards in the retail sector. You can choose standard magnetic cards with Lo-Co encoding or the saver version in Hi-Co encoding.

Further you have the choice regarding the colour of the magnetic card stipe, which is standard black but can also have another colour. You can order blanc cards, printed and/or encoded cards according to your demand. Of course the magnetic card technology can be combined with RFID or chip technology.

Typ Range ISO
300 Oe LoCo ISO 7810
1750 Oe HiCo ISO 7810
2750 Oe HiCo ISO 7810
4000 Oe HiCo ISO 7810